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We have put together a number of frequently asked questions which we are sure you will find helpful. And remember, for further help you can email us at help@Infogen or phone our helpline 0800 188 111.

What are the dial up numbers?
The Infogen dial up number and settings are:

  Toll Free: 0867 46364
  Pop Settings: mail.Infogen
  SMTP Settings: mail.Infogen

What do I need to configure my computer?
Your PC should have a minimum 486 processor
(if using a Macintosh it should be a Power PC or iMac).

You should have a modem built in to the PC (or an external model connected).
It needs to run at a speed of at least 28.8kbps.

A telephone line.

To run an internet browser your computer needs a minimum of 16MB RAM
and 100MB of free disk space.

Make sure your PC is running Windows 95, 98 or 2000.
(for Macintosh operating system 7.5 or higher)

You need to be using Internet Explorer 4 or above or Netscape Navigator 4 or above.

How do I upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer?
You can upgrade your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer from the Microsoft web site.

Can I use Netscape as my browser?<<
Your Infogen internet account will run with Netscape if this is your preferred browser.

Can I use Infogen on a Macintosh computer?
Yes, please contact our customer services for help 0800 188 111

What about email through Infogen ?
Your account with Infogen includes unlimited email. We support Outlook Express.

If you wish to run other email programme like Eudora contact our helpline help@Infogen

Once you have joined Infogen , we provide you with your own email address
e.g. rachael@Infogen

Can I change my password?
Your user name, password and details can be changed by calling Infogen customer services on  0800 188 111

What do I do if I have lost my password?
Your can retrieve your user name and password by calling Infogen customer services 0800 188 111 and answering your nominated password

How do I pay my monthly Infogen account?
On the Infogen application form you can select credit card or direct debit. If you choose direct debit you will need to complete a direct debit form and send it to us by mail, as we need your signature on the form.

You can print out a copy of the form right here online.
Note:You will require Adobe Acrobat reader on your computer in order to view and
You can download the free software now.

What about my current ISP account?
If you are running an internet account with another provider, but wish to open a new Infogen account, it is possible to cancel your existing account. Check with your previous provider on their policy and notice required.

How do I get technical help?
If you can't find the help you need here, use our online email form describing your problem.
It may be necessary to phone our free helpline to talk through the problem if we are

Can I test my Infogen email to make sure it is working correctly?
Yes, we have set up a special test email address. Simply send an email message to test@Infogen An automatic response will be sent so you will know if your email programme is sending and receiving correctly. To check your e-mail by sending a message to test@Infogen, click here.

By joining Infogen do I have to agree to any long term contract?
Infogen you agree to the terms and conditions of use. Your account is monthly so you can cancel your account with one month's notice.

How long can I stay connected?
You may stay connected as long as you like (which may affect your monthly charges), but after 4 hours of inactivity, we reserve the right to end your connection to avoid our network from overloading. If this does occur, simply log in again.

Can I have more than five email addresses?
Yes, additional email addresses are available at a cost of $1.00 each per month. (No set up fee). Please call 0800 188 111 and we can set these up for you.

Can I connect immediately?
Yes, just complete the online forms and once we have registered your details you will be able to dial up and use the internet.

What information security can Infogen offer?
Infogen secure database. All sensitive information supplied by you is transmitted via Secure Socket layer (SSL) technology.

What speed does the Infogen service run at?
Up to 56kp for analogue dial up modems.

What operating system does Infogen support?
We use encryption for the transfer of your personal information. Your passwords and credit card details are encrypted in the info gen secure database. All sensitive information supplied by you is transmitted via Secure Socket layer (SSL) technology.

Can I use services like ICQ, IRC, FTP and Telnet?
Yes, all the facilities of the Internet are available.
How do I set up my personal web space?
Please email homepages@Infogen to have your personal web space set up.  Once we have confirmed set up, you'll find a step by step guide to help you to publish your website so the world can see it.

What if I decide to switch from Genesis Energy?
Infogen service is exclusive to Genesis Energy customers, if you choose to switch electricity companies your Infogen service will automatically be cancelled..

Need to ask another question?
Send us an email at help@Infogen